Witchcliffe Ecovillage

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Located a short drive south of Margaret River, the Witchcliffe Ecovillage is a revolutionary approach to community development.

Prioritising sustainability and a minimal environmental footprint, this self-reliant community aims to generate enough power and water for the entire village while also providing produce to enable a fully contained ecosystem.

As a part of Cossil & Webley’s role in the project, we have contributed to the design and documentation of the power and communication network for the subdivision as well as the private networks for the residential strata clusters.

The overall system design has been created to take advantage of large scale Solar PV and Energy Storage Systems to reduce grid reliance and decrease the generation of greenhouse gases for energy.

  • Client:Sustainable Settlements and the Perron Group
  • Location:Witchcliffe
  • Status:Current
  • Key Personnel:Jey Shivakumar
  • Categories:Master Planned Residential, Energy Transformation
  • Tags:Sustainability
    Community Scale Battery
    Full Electric Development
    Private Network
    Household Renewable Energy