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We focus on three verticals:

  1. Urban Development

    The foundation of much of our experience falls within urban development, which has led to Cossill & Webley being considered the leading firm in Perth and a strongly emerging competitor in the Melbourne market. Many of our most heralded and awarded projects fall within the urban development space including Ellenbrook, Brighton and Alkimos.

    From planning to delivery, our team has managed everything from small projects to whole community developments lasting decades.

  2. Infrastructure/Commercial

    We have substantial experience working with government and commercial clients on large scale commercial and infrastructure projects. These range from road, sewer and grid planning and upgrades to industrial parks and developments.

    Our vast experience with government projects in particular has exposed us to some of the unique challenges and opportunities seen, and provided us with the tools and relationships to navigate them.

  3. Energy Transformation

    Our work in the area of energy transformation is diverse, including power and communication networks, large scale solar and energy storage systems and research and viability studies into cutting-edge technology like microgrids and autonomous vehicles.

    CW has a dedicated Energy Transformation Team, offering in-house electrical and communication design service. This includes the servicing of projects which cover land development, private strata, private AS3000 compliant networks, lighting design solutions to AS1158 and renewable energy systems.

Sustainability & Innovation

Sustainability has long been a core tenet of Cossill & Webley, being awarded the inaugural UDIA Sustainability Urban Development award in 2004 for its work in the development of the Ellenbrook community.

Director Avril Thomson is also a member of the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering, a chapter of the Institute of Engineers Australia, ensuring that sustainability is prioritised from a leadership level.

We at Cossill & Webley see innovation going hand-in-hand with sustainability. Ensuring the projects we work on are as sustainable and low-impact to the environment as possible, while meeting client and community needs is a challenge.

Across many of our projects we utilise technology such as interactive 3D models in order to improve the stakeholder engagement, standardise the design process and maximise efficiency and delivery times.

With creative and innovative problem solving we deliver solutions and projects that maintain functionality and cost-effectiveness while ensuring long term economic and environmental value.

Energy Transformation

Our forward-thinking and passionate ETS division focus on cutting edge solutions in areas such as:

  • Behind the meter opportunities
  • Microgrids
  • Peer to peer energy trading
  • Renewable Energy
  • Battery storage
  • Smart Cities & Systems
  • Cloud controlled systems
  • Electric vehicle charging
  • Public Wifi
  • Electrical master planning
  • Lighting
  • CCTV

Whether it be a stand-alone electrical solution or an underground power design for a subdivision, Cossill & Webley is providing our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions.

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Smart cities

The Cossill & Webley Energy Transformation team can develop options associated with smart city technologies. In all projects our engineers look to incorporate smart city initiatives and best practices to ensure projects are connected, safe, efficient and sustainable:

  1. More effective, data-driven decision making for residents and service agencies;
  2. Enhanced community and government engagement;
  3. Safer communities;
  4. Reduced environmental footprints;
  5. Improved transportation;
  6. New economic development opportunities by sharing data and providing businesses with access to information;
  7. Efficient public utilities;
  8. Improved infrastructure.

We have worked in partnership with our sub-consultants and have completed numerous Smart Cities developments utilising shared fibre LAN networks for services including energy metering and management, smart lighting control, smart irrigation control, public Wifi, outdoor audio and AV, Security CCTV electronic signage and more.


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