Our History

Established in 1989, Cossill & Webley are one of the most well-respected civil engineering firms in Australia.

With the first office in Perth, Cossill & Webley has established itself as the go-to civil engineering firm for urban, infrastructure, and energy developments across Western Australia.

Cossill & Webley has led a number of landmark, award-winning projects across the state, including Ellenbrook, Alkimos, and Brighton.

In 2016, Cossill & Webley expanded its operations by opening an office in Melbourne, Victoria, which has since become a cornerstone of the organisation.

Cossill & Webley’s newest office is in Geelong, Victoria. The strategic growth of the Victorian sector supports the expanding land development opportunities in order to deliver exceptional results for clients in this dynamic region.

Led by directors Ray Todd, Troy Boekeman, Mark Wallis, Avril Thomson, Nathan Butson, and Brock Jeffery-Monck the Cossill & Webley team remains dedicated to delivering innovative, sustainable, and award-winning projects to their clients in multi-disciplinary projects.

Cossill & Webley History Timeline


Cossill & Webley Founded

Our Perth office was established in 1989 and has grown to become one of the most well-respected civil engineering firms in Australia

Ray Todd joins the team

Our most experienced director, Ray Todd, joins the Cossill & Webley team.

Avril Thomson joins the team

Director Avril Thompson, who specialises in infrastructure and urban development, joins the team.

Troy Boekeman joins the team

Director Troy Boekeman joins Cossill & Webley specialising in geotechnical engineering and land development.

Mark Wallis joins the team

Director Mark Wallis who specialises in managing projects from design through construction, joins the team.

Landmark awards for Ellenbrook

One of our most substantial projects, Ellenbrook, wins the inaugural UDIA ‘Sustainability Urban Development Award’.

Brighton wins Water Sensitive Urban Development award

The Brighton development in Butler wins UDIA award ‘Water Sensitive Urban Development’ attributed to C&W’s key part in the development and procurement of the ‘third pipe’. This third pipe scheme supplies properties in Brighton with non-drinking water to irrigate their lawn and garden. Third pipe schemes save drinking water supplies by using other water sources for irrigation.

Nathan Butson joins the team

Director Nathan Butson joins the Cossill & Webley team, specialising in urban development and project management.

Melbourne office opens

Identifying substantial opportunity to expand, the Melbourne office of Cossill & Webley was opened in 2016 on St Kilda Road.

Platinum Worksafe achievement

Cossill & Webley prioritise safety first and foremost so were honoured to be recognised with a Platinum Worksafe Plan Certificate of Achievement. Platinum Certificates are for those organisations that achieve highest standards across safety and health management.

ETS division established

Recognising the growth and demand in the area, Cossill & Webley established their Energy Transformation Services (ETS) division in order to better service the requirements of their clients.

Geelong branch opens

Cossill & Webley expands its Victorian division to Geelong in the vibrant Pakington Street office.