Be a key part of the Cossill & Webley team whilst furthering your education.

What you can expect:

  • Hands-on training and practical knowledge
  • Gain experience whilst making a tangible real-world impact
  • Attain high-level responsibilities on projects
  • Rewarding company culture
  • Direct mentorship and support from our managers and leaders
  • Access to industry events and networking
  • Flexible arrangements to manage university timetables and exam periods alongside work


What is urban development and what sort of projects do you work on?
Urban development is the conversion of land that is typically vacant or historically used for agriculture, to new land uses such as residential, commercial, industrial, transportation, and public areas. This typically involves the planning, design, and construction of roads, drainage, and essential services.

Where are Cossill & Webley’s projects located?
Cossill & Webley are located in Victoria and Western Australia and our projects are often located in the outer metropolitan areas, where infrastructure is provided for new residential communities. Cossill & Webley also has infill projects that include redeveloping established areas and upgrading infrastructure for the requirements of the new land use.

What career pathways are there within Cossill & Webley?
Cossill & Webley typically has design engineers, draftspersons, construction engineers, and project engineers. Each of these team members works side by side from conception to completion of a project. Each role has different skills and attributes required, but most importantly, the team member needs to find the role enjoyable and fulfilling. Cossill & Webley value their employees and work with each employee to ensure they have an appropriate development and career pathway within the firm.

What sort of work will an intern be doing?
Cossill & Webley provides a diverse range of experience for interns in all aspects of the company’s operations. We believe it is essential that an intern has experience assisting different engineers in a variety of Cossill & Webley’s pathways, to find out what they enjoy and what they are passionate about.

When are the intake periods for interns and graduates?
Cossill & Webley generally hires graduate engineers at mid-year and end of the year to coincide with the conclusion of tertiary studies. Internships are offered year-round, with the workload and working availability tailored to suit the university timetable of the intern.

How do I register my interest to be an intern or graduate at Cossill & Webley?
Check out our Current Positions and register your interest by sending a covering letter and your resume to

Cossill & Webley Young Professionals at work