The Hales

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The Hales estate in Forrestfield involved the development of approximately 400 residential lots on land formerly owned by Western Power which was disposed of via tender process by the Western Australian State Government. CW assisted Satterley Property Group in their successful bid for the land as part of this process, and provided further engineering inputs through the due diligence and acquisition of the land. Following the purchase of the land, CW provided inputs throughout the structure planning process before commencing detailed design and superintendence of the works.

The site was surrounded by existing development on all sides, and had existing sewer infrastructure as well as significant existing 330kV overhead powerlines. Negotiating an acceptable land use outcome with relevant authorities within easements for the powerlines was a key outcome which CW were able to negotiate for the project. Use of the existing easements for drainage and other recreational uses has ensured best land use outcomes for the project have been achieved.

The successful retention of key swathes of vegetation throughout the site has also been a value-add item for the project., as well as the enhancement of the Crumpet Creek water way where it traverses through the development.

  • Client:Satterley Property Group
  • Location:Forrestfield
  • Status:2015 – Present
  • Awards:UDIA(WA) Award for Excellence – Residential Development 2022
  • Key Personnel:Aaron Pereira, Avril Thomson
  • Categories:Infill Development