Alkimos Central

Located in the northern corridor of Perth, Alkimos is a thriving beachside community consisting of four key developments in its master plan.

Alkimos Central sits at the heart of the community, serving as the hub for commercial, social and transport for the rapidly growing suburb.

The development captures the charm of the seaside setting combining it with appealing streetscapes, engaging public spaces, and buildings underpinned by ecological design principles.

Led by Avril Thomson, Theo Tham and John Elsegood, the Cossill & Webley team deliver on a range of different infrastructure elements including major road, water and sewer design, bridges, rail and the town centre itself.

Once completed, the Alkimos development will be the home of up to 60,000 people, provide more than 10,000 jobs and be seamlessly connected to greater Perth via road and rail.

  • Client:DevelopmentWA
  • Location:Alkimos
  • Status:2019 - current
  • Key Personnel:Avril Thomson, Theo Tham and John Elsegood
  • Categories:Urban Development, Master Planned Residential
  • Tags:Major Water Infrastructure
    Major Sewer Infrastructure
    Train Station
    Bus Port
    Town Centre